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Tim Tate - Mixed Media Queer Sculptor

Tim Tate  is co-founder of the Washington Glass Studio in Washington, DC. Tim’s work is in the permanent collections of a number of museums, including the Smithsonian's American Art Museum. He was also the 2010 recipient of the Virginia Groot Foundation award for sculpture and is a 2018 James Renwick Alliance Distinguished Artist…among many other awards.


Tim Tate has spent many years championing LGTBQ rights in all its forms. Now a 40 year HIV+ Queer Man, he founded the Triangle Artist Group in the early 90’s and helped curate the very first HIV+ art show there. He was also chair of the first Art Against Aids charity event in Washington, DC. He is the also the designer of the New Orleans Aids Monument.

He received his Fulbright Award from Sunderland, University in England in 2012. In 2018 he was asked to speak at Yale University by speak on Craft and Conflict by Glenn Adamson to represent the Queer community and its history of art activism.


He participated in the Glasstress show with Ai Wei Wei and Vic Muniz during the 2019 Venice Biennale and the Boca Raton Museum Glasstress show in Jan. 2021. In October 2021 he will be showing at the Hermitage, in St. Petersburg, Russia.



Artist Statement


Blending a traditional craft with new media technology gives me the framework in which I fit my artistic narrative. In my work I explore moving images and endless mirrors to achieve my interest in contemporary work with the aesthetic of Victorian techno-fetishism, which emerged from my fascination with Jules Verne as a boy. Artwork and video I believe will be societies relics of the future.


I like to reference many possible histories, and will do so with video or mirrors, to show our common artistic ancestry and illustrate alternate paths. Perhaps centuries from now my work will have the same presence as abandoned archaic machines from the turn of the last century, as people marvel over what could have possibly been its intent.

While many of my works deal with loss and memory, much of it has to do with the issues facing LGTBQ people in this country. My community is under attack, some of the worst in our history. I deal with my own fears and frustrations in my artform, as well as a newer focus on Utopian Queer Futurism.

In my endless mirrors, I try to entice the viewer to look deeply into and completely experience my windows into alternative dimensions. My works create an optical and bodily illusion of infinity through apparently limitless space. There is an intimacy implied by viewing deeply into a circular opening, as if peering through a portal to witness another endlessly repeating reality. These pieces create a visual space that doesn't actually exist in reality, but claims volume none the less. We literally look into a dimension that doesn't share space in this world.

The constant repetition of imagery also speaks to us of timelines: ones that go endlessly into the future or extend endlessly into the past. These repetitions reference society mired into static social patterns, some good, some bad. 

We look inside these portals as if seeing into a dream, fully realizing that this is but an illusion. But even though we know it is a illusion that should not stop us from freely examining it, and hopefully seeing another world at the same time.

Uncomfortable with any single defining time, I prefer sliding through the centuries; from 19th century Victorian techno-fetishism, to mid and late 20th century references to endless mirrors and studio glass to 21st century electronics and political focus. Perhaps all my work can be defined by how uncomfortable I am with definitions.

My work hovers between subjects of scientific curiosity, Contemporary video imagery, relics, rituals and dreams.  My interests lie in finding the relics of the future while honoring the past. To me, these works are transparent reliquaries of sorts in which bits of saints’ bones or hair — relics — are displayed, with simultaneous intimacy and distance. .


In many cultures and religions, relics are believed to have healing powers. My relics can be temporal; sounds and moving images formally enshrined, encapsulating experiences like cultural specimens. And perhaps, to the contemporary soul, they are no less reliquaries than those containing the bones of a saint.


With technology rapidly changing the way we perceive art, the current day contemporary landscape closely mirrors Victorian times in the arts. We marvel at and invent bridges between past and present in an effort to define our time and make sense of this highly transitory moment in artistic history.



2024   Joyce Scott/Tim Tate Collaborations,Goya Gallery,                     Baltimore

2024.   Visions Of Our Natural World, Momentum Gallery,                    Asheville, NC

2023   Glass: Art. Beauty. Design. / Hillwood Museum,                         Washington, DC

2022    The Hermitage State Museum / St. Petersburg, Russia.             With Glasstress 2022

2021    Habatat Gallery 50th Anniversary show in Sept. in                    Detroit

2021    Boca Raton Museum in Glasstress 2021

2020     The Persistence of After Visions…on with                   Habatat Gallery

2020     Living Within The Story…on with Habatat                   Gallery

2020     Habatat International show in Detroit, Mi. 

2020     Seager Gray Gallery, Book Show in Marin County,                     Cal.

2020     Seagar Gray Gallery, Material Matters, Marin County,               Cal.

2020     Art Palm Beach Art Fair with Habatat Gallery

2019     Pulse Miami with Alida Anderson Projects

2019     SOFA Chicago, Habatat Gallery

2019    Solo show, Persistence of Visions, Ft. Wayne Museum

2019    Glasstress, in Venice during Beinnale with Ai Wei Wei,               Berengo Studios

2019    Habatat Invitational show, Detroit, Mi.

2018    Context Art Fair in Miami during Art Basel with                          Momentum  Gallery, Asheville, NC

2018    Scope, Miami Fl. During ArtBasel week with Habatat                Gallery

2018    SOFA Chicago with Habatat Gallery

2018    Into Action!, Los Angeles, Cal.

2017    Scope Art Fair, Miami Fla. with Habatat gallery

2017    Form Art Fair, Miami, Fla. with Habatat Gallery

2017    SOFAD Chicago with Habatat Gallery

2017    Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong, With Spin Gallery

2017    London Contemporary Art Gallery, London

2017    J Willott Gallery, Palm Dessert, Ca.

2016    Scope New York, Habatat Gallery

2016    Palm Springs Art Fair, Habatat Gallery

2015    Scope Miami, Habatat Gallery

2015    SOFA Chicago, Habatat Gallery

2015    Wheaton Glass Weekend, Habatat Gallery

2015    Collective, New York, Wexler Gallery

2015    Art Palm Beach, Habatat Gallery

2014    SOFA Chicago, Habatat Gallery

2014   Art Aspen, Habatat Gallery, Royal Oak, Mi.

2014   Art Mkt San Francisco, Seager Gray Gallery, San                     Rafeal, Ca.

2014   Art Hamptons, Habatat Gallery

2014   Art Wynwood, Alida Anderson Projects

2014   Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Habatat Gallery

2013   Context Art Fair during Art Basel Miami with Seager                 Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, Ca.

2013   Houston Fine Art Fair, Habatat Gallery, Houston, Tx.

2013   Piazzo Bembo show during Venice Biennale, Venice,                 Italy

2013   Katzen Art Center, American University Museum,                      Video solo show, “Sleep Walker”, Washington, DC

2013   Habatat International Show, Royal Oak, MI.

2012   Orlando Art Museum, 50 Years Of Glass, Orlando, Fla.

2012   Mesa Art Center, Decidedly Digital, Tempe, Ar.

2012   Arkansas Art Center, Digital Dialogs, Little Rock, Ak.

2012   Blue Spiral Gallery, Glass Secessionism, Asheville, NC

2012   St. Petersburg Museum Of Art, St. Petersburg, Florida

2012   Affordable Art Fair, Creative Cohesion, London,                         England

2012   SOFA New York with Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe,                 New Mexico

2012   Art Palm Beach with Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe,                   New Mexico

2011   Art Miami at ArtBasel Miami with Catherine Edelman                Gallery, Chicago, Ill.

2011   SOFA Chicago with Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe,New             Mexico

2011   Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC.

2011   Milwaukee Art Museum, The New Materiality

2011   La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary Show, Los Angeles,             Cal.

2011   Taubman Museum, Solo Video Exhibit, “The Waking                   Dreams Of Magdelena Moliere, Roanoke, Va.

2011   Catherine Edelman Gallery, “21st Century Sideshows”               Chicago, Ill.

2010   Imago Gallery, Palm Desert, Ca.

2010   Fuller Museum, The New Materiality

2010   Red Dot during ArtBasel Miami, Oxenberg Fine Art,                 Miami

2010   “Open Season”. Flanders Gallery, N.C.

2010  “Cold + Hot”, Micaela Gallery, San Francisco, Ca.

2010  Habatat International Show, Habatat, Michigan

2010  “Dead Or Alive” – Museum of Art and Design, New York            City.

2010   “Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries Of Craft” – Fuller                Craft Museum, Brockton, Mass.

2010    SOFA Chicago, with Habatat, Michigan

2010   Scope – ArtBasel, Switzerland, Micaela Gallery

2009   Miami International Art Fair, Projects Gallery

2009   Red Dot during ArtBasel-Miami with Projects Gallery               and Alida Andersen Projects

2009   SOFA Chicago with Maurine Littleton Gallery

2009    Wheaton Arts Glass Weekend with Maurine Littleton                 Gallery

2009    L.A. Art Fair with Steps Gallery, London

2009    Palm Beach 3 with Maurine Littleton

2008    Steps Gallery, London, England

2008    Bridge Art Fair during ArtBasel with Projects Gallery,                 Philadelphia, Pa.

2008    Billy Shire Fine Arts, Los Angeles, Ca.

2008    Habatat Gallery, Berkshires, Ma.

2008    SOFA Chicago, with Maurine Littleton Gallery

2008    Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa. (solo)

2008    Donna Seager Gallery, San Rafael, Ca. (group show)

2008    Marx-Saunders Gallery, Chicago, Ill. (group show)

2008    Jane Sauer Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico (solo)

2008    Gallery 24, Berlin, Germany

2007    FLOW Miami with Duane Reed Gallery/St. Louis,Mo.

2007    S.O.F.A Chicago, with Maureen Littleton Gallery

2007    Glass Weekend, Wheaton Village, New Jersey with                  Maureen Littleton Gallery

2007    S.O.F.A. New York, with Jane Sauer Gallery

2007    Smithsonian Craft Show, National Building Museum

2007    Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, Md (solo)

2006    Smithsonian American Art Museum , Luce Foundation             Center for American Art , Washington, DC                    2004    Fraser Gallery, Bethesda, MD (solo)

2001    Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery Washington, DC                         (permanent collection)

1994    S.O.F.A. Chicago /  Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL           






2023.   Speaker w/Deborah Cheresko / The Glass Rainbow -                Asheville Art Museum

2023   Speaker, 21st Century Glass, Tacoma Glass Museum

2021    Person Of The Year / Art Alliance For Contemporary                  Glass

2018    Distinguished Artist Award, James Renwick Alliance

2017    Keynote Panelist on Materiality and Dispute with                      Glenn  Adamson at Yale University

2017    London Contemporary Art Prize, Second Place

2014    Brilliance Award – Habatat Gallery, Royal Oak, Mi.

2013    Curators Pick….Habatat Invitational, Royal Oak, Mi.

2012    Fulbright Scholar, Sunderland University, Sunderland,              England

2012    Critic’s Choice Award, Habatat International                              Invitational, Royal Oak, Mi.

2012    Speaker, GAS Conference on Glass Secessionism

2011    Board of Trustees, Creative Glass Center, Millville, NJ.

2010    Virginia Groot Foundation Award for Sculpture -                        $35,000 first prize

2009   “Rising Star of the 21st Century” award, Museum of                  American Glass, N.J

2009    Artist Fellowship Award,  District of Columbia Arts and              Humanities Council

2008   Instructor : Penland School of Crafts, Penland, N.C.

2008   First Place , Niche Award for Blown Glass, 2008

2008   Speaker – Smithsonian’s American Art Museum, Luce              Center for Education, quarterly lectures entitled                       “The Tim Tate Talks”

2007   Special Honoree ,Best of Fine Arts DC by the Urban                 Artists Alliance

2007   First Place, International Artist Competition Art-                          Interview Magazine/Gallery 24, Berlin

2007   Instructor , Glass Furnace , Istanbul, Turkey

2006   Published in “50 Most Distinguished Glass Artists” IL                 Publishers / London

2006   Board Member, Renwick Alliance

           Mint Museum, Permanent Collection

           Katzen Art Center / American University, Permanent                 Collection

           University of Richmond Art Museum, Permanent                       Collection

           University of Virginia Art Museum, Permanent                           Collection

           Vanderbilt University, Permanent Collection

2004   Out Magazine People of the Year 2004, Out 100

           ArtBaltimore, Best in Sculpture  , Baltimore Convention              Center

            “Art and Healing” Society for the Arts in Healthcare                  Conference (SAH)

           Washington, DC, Keynote Panelist

2003   Mayor’s Art Award – Outstanding Emerging Artist                     Washington, DC

2002   Artist Fellowship Award,  District of Columbia Arts and              Humanities Council

2001   Washington Glass School and Studio, Founder and                   Co-Director

           National Capital Art Glass Guild Board Member

           Smithsonian American Art Museum,  Permanent                       Collection

2000   Triangle Artist Group, Founder

1998   Art Against AIDS, Co-Director




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Library Of Congress – Historic Glass Doors

Safeway – Large scale architectural glass wall, Bethesda, Md.

Vanderbilt University – Glass Wall in Nursing Station, Memphis, Tn.

Prince Georges County Courthouse, Cuppola Project, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Food And Friends Donor Wall – Washington, DC

District Government Project -  Wilson Building Public Art

Liberty Park at Liberty Center, Outdoor Sculpture Commission, Arlington, VA 

The Adele, Outdoor Sculpture Commission Silver Spring, MD (under construction)

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ariel Rios Building Courtyard, Outdoor Sculpture Commission,

Washington, DC

National Institute of Health (NIH) Sculpture Commission, Hatfield Clinic, Bethesda, MD

Upper Marlboro Courthouse, Sculpture Commission, Prince Georges County, MD

American Physical Society / Baltimore Science Center, Sculpture Commission, Baltimore, MD

The Residences of Rosedale, Outdoor Sculpture Commission, Bethesda, MD

Holy Cross Hospital, Sculpture for Oncology Ward, Silver Spring, MD

The Carmen Group, Sculpture Commission, Washington, DC

Winner, International Competition, New Orleans AIDS Monument, New Orleans, LA      



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